Welcome, take a seat!

Hi, I'm Sebi.


Software Developer.

Full-stack Software Developer.

Interned at AWS and Open Digital Services.

Involved in Digital Infrastructure and Cloud projects.


Studying EE/CS at UC Berkeley.

Technical coursework: Databases, Operating Systems, Artificial Intelligence, Computer Security, Algorithms & Data Structures and more.

Go bears!


About me.

I am 19 years old.

I've been coding for 19. Proudly learned at:

Techtalents, Spain.

Syn2Cat, Luxembourg.

I love the number 42 and playing board games with my brother, Tommy :)

I was born in Amsterdam, and lived in Luxembourg and Madrid. Now at Berkeley, California.

Experience in Software Development

While I am still exploring the world of Computer Science, I have accumulated experience in the following areas:


I have experience making websites with React (like this one) and am familiar with surrounding technologies and packages like Redux. Accordingly, I am very well versed in HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

I am also proficient at making mobile applications with React Native.


Having worked at AWS, I am well-versed in AWS Lambda, DynamoDB, EC2, IAM and many other cloud products. Furthermore, I make REST APIs with NodeJS + Express. I also have experience making web servers with PHP + Apache, and Python + Flask.

I have also configured and used relational databases like MySQL and PostgreSQL.


Apart from Frontend and Backend, I have self-learned or otherwise learned the programming languages Rust, Java, C and Go.

Furthermore, I self-learned some Machine Learning with Keras & Tensorflow. I have also built Chrome Extensions, Discord Bots and other utilities.

Zubatomic, 42 and Everything.

Zubatomic is a small group of developers, with all kinds of projects hosted at and

From chrome extensions to guides, we make all sorts of stuff!

We explore technologies like Kubernetes, Processing, Arduino, Unity, Blender, ThreeJS, SocketIO, Canvas, etc. And best of all, some of it even works!



Thanks for checking out my site! I hope you enjoyed your time here. If you would like to reach out, feel free to add me on any of the following platforms.

sebastiaan [at] berkeley [dot] edu